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At the end of a long day, what can be better than laying your weary head down on a comfy pillow for much-needed sleep? Insufficient sleep has been linked to numerous health problems. Proper sleep, meanwhile, has been shown to improve brain function and physical performance. Since good sleep hygiene is essential to rest your mind and body, choose your bedding essentials wisely. If you’ve splurged on luxury furniture in Dubai, you shouldn’t scrimp on the important accessories.

There are three main types of pillow for your bed: sleeping ones (for a restorative night's sleep), decorative ones (so you can sit up in bed), and accent cushions (to reveal your personality and style). 

When picking out the perfect pillow, consider both what’s on the inside and the outside. Which pillow inserts you choose depends on your budget and how much you value a good night’s rest. For the ultimate indulgence when you rest your head at night, go for inners made from ethically sourced goose down and feathers, with a 100% cotton fabric cover or a cotton-silk blend. 

If such comfort is a little over your budget, cotton-sateen pillow inserts will do the job beautifully, too. To prolong their life, we recommend using protectors on your pillow inserts

So, what do these covers protect against? Sweat, bed bugs, dirt, bacteria, dust and allergens – you name it. When you think about how long people spend in beds, and the potential hygiene hazards that result, you’ll see that protectors are a sound investment for your family’s health. They should be seen as bedding essentials, just like bed sheets, rather than optional sleep accessories. You should prioritise buying them before even considering the more cosmetic touches, such as a duvet covers