If you’re inspired by the journey we’ve taken, you could be on its course too. Our franchising structure provide businesses with an opportunity to represent the Marina Home brand and spread the reach of our signature experience further around the world, inspiring home owners to embrace their distinctive style and tell their personal stories through their interiors. Established in Dubai in 1997, Marina Home is a well-known and widely successful home furnishings brand that continues to evolve and reinvent itself, fusing the Urban and the Exotic, embracing the diversity of adventure through sourcing products from around the globe. Our pioneering warehouse-showroom concept spearheaded the industry 20 years ago, quickly becoming an iconic landmark. We operate mostly large-format showrooms across the Middle East, North Africa and the Indian subcontinent, synonymous with quality, creativity and innovation. Each one of our signature showrooms – situated in malls and premium high-street locations – is an eclectic destination promising an immersive and memorable exploration. To connect with our franchising team for interests in your market, please contact us on





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