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If you want to open your home to guests but don’t have a spare room to serve as a dedicated guest bedroom, a sofa bed is the perfect solution. This multipurpose furniture item pairs a couch with a bed, making it ideal for small spaces or for people who often host overnight guests. What’s more, some designs come with hidden storage, so guests staying a while can store their odds and ends away during the day. An added benefit? You get an extra sleep space for those indulgent afternoon naps on weekends. And a luxury sofa bed also provides the comfiest place to watch a movie from, if you don’t want to have a screen in your bedroom. 

Sofa beds have come a long way from their earliest iterations and are slightly making their way towards highend furniture. Today’s designs are sleek, space-saving, comfortable, and easy to convert from a couch into a bed. Many luxury sofas are made to convert into luxury sofa beds in an instant. 

If you think that classic luxury sofa types – such as the Chesterfield – still don’t function in this way, you may be surprised. When you find your perfect multipurpose design, be sure to choose the right luxury table to accompany it. If you go for something too heavy to move with ease, it’ll make converting your couch into a luxury bed a hassle indeed. 

If hassle-free is what you’re really after, go for the easiest of all: An L shaped sofa bed. It requires zero effort, as it’s already ready for sleeping on.