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When considering a new home, house hunters or tenants often factor ‘storage space’ in their list of what’s most important. However, some may overlook places that have limited built-in cupboards because they forget that other furniture items – such as the armoire – can save the day. These are essential pieces for storing clothes in the bedroom, like a moveable closet

So, what’s the difference between an armoire and a dresser? While both are used for storage and usually have drawers, the latter is shorter and usually doesn’t have hanging space. 

The armoire is a tall, freestanding wardrobe cabinet. The name, derived from French, gives an indication of its early use, which was to store weapons. Noble people started using them to store their elaborate clothing back in the 17th century. And that’s what they’re still used for today. 

You could choose a distinctive, elaborately designed one as a standout item in your bedroom. Or get one that comes with a matching chest of drawers − a classic furniture item that has never gone out of style, thanks to its many benefits. It saves space, offering plenty of storage space. Neat freaks also love how the different drawers lend themselves to organising items into separate compartments. They can also serve several functions, such as a TV stand, dressing table or bedside table. But, practical considerations aside, they also add a whole lot of character to a room. They can be the base for a display of plants, photo frames, ornaments, accessories and candles. For these reasons, such drawers should be at the top of your list when buying urban furniture for your bedroom.