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The bedroom is the inner sanctum of the home. It’s where you rest to be ready for each day. So, in addition to the practical and cosmetic considerations − such as bed size and décor scheme − you must take your nightly comfort into account. 

Quality sleep is vital to your wellbeing and daily functioning. That’s why, after you’ve found the perfect bedroom furniture, your choice of bedding matters. Whether the size of your mattress is a king, queen, double or single, you’ll want quality bed sheets that feel great on your skin when you climb into bed for some blissful slumber. 

Which to choose – flat or fitted sheets – is a personal preference. Consider hygiene and practicality.

For example, with their elastic at the corners, fitted sheets act as a protective barrier for your mattress. 

In terms of practicality, many prefer fitted sheets because they’re easier to dress the bed in, making mornings less stressful. Fitted sheets are also so snug, there’s little chance of waking up tangled in rumpled sheets that have come loose from the bed corners. 

So, what colour works best? For versatility, go for a beautiful item in a neutral hue that will complement most duvet covers and bedspreads. This way, you can use each sheet in different rooms, rather than being limited to one in which the colour works best. 

Next, think of thread count and fabric. Is your room finished with luxury furniture? For the ultimate luxe complement, choose bedding made from 500-thread-count Egyptian cotton. 

Bed sheet sets take the hassle out of choosing items individually. They also make great housewarming gifts.