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Looking into buying new beds for your home? You’ll need to consider the mattresses you choose carefully. Experts agree that the surface you sleep on absolutely impacts your quality of sleep – and quality sleep is vital to your daily functioning and overall health. 

Of course, everyone has their own preference for when it comes to hard or soft mattresses. But medical professionals suggest that medium-firm mattresses are best for your back and for getting quality rest. Memory-foam options are perfect for people who have aches and pains, and want to wake up feeling refreshed. Don’t like the ‘sinking in’ feeling of memory foam? You may prefer a latex foam variety. 

Mattresses are investments in your daily comfort, spine health, and mental and physical wellbeing. But they can’t be used forever. So, how long should they last? It all depends on the type. Foam should last 8-10 years; while good latex can last up to 25 years. Those with innersprings, however, have shorter lifespans of five years, possibly more – depending on the quality. To make yours last, invest in mattress protectors

Mattress protectors help shield against contaminants and moisture damage. Once these essentials are taken care of, you can have fun picking out the perfect duvet cover and pillow covers for your room. 

Got a romantic look going on, complete with vintage furniture? You can’t go wrong with a Bohemian floral design or something with vintage-style ruffles. For Zen-like calm, stick to all-white bedding.