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At the end of a long day, what can be better than laying your weary head down on a comfy pillow for much-needed sleep? Insufficient sleep has been linked to numerous health problems. Proper sleep, meanwhile, has been shown to improve brain function and physical performance. Since good sleep hygiene – which includes proper bed linen – is essential to rest your mind and body, protecting your bedding is something you should consider. 

If you’ve splurged on luxury furniture in your bedroom, such as a gorgeous bed, you shouldn’t scrimp on your bedding. After all, with sleep being so vital to your day-to-day functioning, the bedroom is one place where you want to purchase the best you can within your budget. 

Your bedding should be fit for a king or queen. So choose quality bed sheets and pillow covers

Then, you’ll need protectors. Unlike a pillow case, a protector typically has a zip, so it can completely be closed off from particles and help absorb any spills and protect against wear and tear. 

Just like a mattress protector, a pillow protector protects against sweat, bed bugs, dirt, bacteria, dust and allergens – you name it. When you think about how long people spend in beds, and the potential hygiene hazards that result, you’ll see that a pillow protector on every bed is a sound investment for your family’s health. They should be seen as bedding essentials, rather than optional sleep accessories. You should prioritise buying them before even considering the more cosmetic touches.