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Looking for luxury furniture for your bedroom? When choosing a good bed, you want something luxurious that makes a statement. For this reason, many people choose fabric beds as they are gorgeous enough to look like the throne of the sanctuary space that is your sleeping quarters. 

Your bedroom, above all, should be luxurious. The entire room should look and feel ready for respite from daily stresses. Lavish fabric beds are perfect for that welcoming, tactile, indulgent feeling you’ll want to evoke in your bedroom furniture

Fabric beds, often made from velvet, faux leather or other materials, soften the edges of headboards and so on, so they’re softer to the touch. The padding and upholstery gives your bed that inviting, cloud-like appeal, to ensure you get the best night’s sleep possible. If you have the space, go for the biggest mattress and bed you can, such as a king-size bed

Upholstered beds are also good in other rooms. For example, as sofa beds in spaces where they can double up as seating, day beds or extra sleeping space for guests.  

Add black-and-white, graphic prints and cushions with bold geometric prints for classic sophistication. Or you could go ethnic. Top your white bed sheets and pillows with tribal-print bed covers and statement cushions. Then carry the theme through with bold pops of colour on an upholstered poof or end-of-bed bench. Be sure to add some lush living plants for extra earthiness. 

If you’re splurging, you may want to pair your base look with touches of glamour. A colour scheme of silvers and greys is sophisticated and soothing. Think metallic accents such as a statement pendant light and throws with a subtle sheen. Is gold more your thing? Gilded items to consider include having an ornate gold mirror above your vanity table, with golden drawer handles on the vanity itself.