At Marina we value and believe in the universal guiding principles of Customer Service & Care thus all our customers are assured of our highest ethics and international best practices. Our products are of the highest quality and are matched with an even higher standard of service during and after purchase. We love our customers and enjoy their patronage at our Brand therefore we are not afraid of, rather we encourage feedback from our customers about their interaction with Marina at any level, be it their first impression of our stores, their feel of our products and/or their interaction with our sales force and delivery crews; our commitment to a high ideal of service standards is unique, unmatched and unparalleled. Marina is also committed to various Training and Development initiatives for all our staff as we look to develop a Customer focused sales force well able to meet the demands of current and future market trends.

Our general services will include but not be limited to;

Deliveries of the products are made free of charge within the city limits of the store purchased from. A nominal charge applies and depends on distances and other factors for locations that are away from the store/city purchased from.

Exchange & Refund:
At Marina we are proud of the products we carry and encourage customers to take time to shop with us, enjoy the ambience of the store and be sure of their purchases, however we recognize that at times there may be an impulse purchase here or there as our products tend to draw you in! For such cases where one would like to exchange an item we allow a period of 7 days after purchase where certain terms and conditions as stipulated at the time of purchase are upheld.

Export Services:
We offer export services on port to port basis. All other charges at the port of destination are usually on the customer’s account as these are usually controlled by the governing rules of the countries (regions) the customers would be coming from.

Marina provides a warranty for maximum 1 year against manufacturing defects which is limited to the country of sale.


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