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If you’re investing in luxury furniture for your home, don’t forget that no interior is complete without the right artwork and décor

Once you’ve chosen a painting that speaks to your soul and matches the aesthetic of the room it will be placed in, you might want to consider the different ways you can display it. Other than hanging it like wall decor, you have some additional creative options, including a painting easel

A painting easel will hold a canvas or framed piece beautifully. As they evoke images of creative studios and artists of days gone by, easels are beautiful structures to put on display in a generous room. They also make an ideal gift for the artistic person in your life.

Easels have that deconstructed, ‘work in progress’ feel. They can be used purely as an interesting piece to complement your design aesthetic, whether you’re into Scandinavian furniture or cottage chic. 

Easels are also practical items for budding artists to use when painting a work in progress. Just make sure yours isn’t likely to get knocked over by placing it out of the way of foot traffic. 

The great thing is that you can change the items these accessories showcase seasonally, or on a whim. Got a gorgeous picture of a special family moment taken recently, such as a graduation or wedding? Place it in the entranceway to brighten up your arrival home and start conversations with visitors. Entertaining guests for a sumptuous dinner party? Create the right atmosphere with an appropriate, mood-setting image taking centre stage.