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Let’s face it – buying a waste bin isn’t likely to be high on anyone’s list of ‘favourite things to purchase for the home’. Yet these underappreciated items are essential for storing rubbish, reducing odours, and maintaining hygiene, so you will likely need to buy several for your home for various rooms.  

When selecting a waste bin, consider several factors: the size (capacity); the ease of care (as it will frequently need to be wiped down); the material (and whether it fits in with the room’s décor scheme); and whether it should have a lid or not (depending on what it will be used for and in which room it’ll be). 

In the kitchen, your trash bin should have a pedal and lid, with an inner compartment for easily removing the trash bag and a finish that won’t show streaks or finger smudges. Doing your bit for the planet? You’ll want a trash bin with more than one compartment, for easy sorting of rubbish into categories. 

In the bathroom, a discrete trash bin with a lid is best. Whether you go for a wicker basket or something modern and sleek depends on the design aesthetic. 

In an office, where your dust bin will likely only be used for paper, you can go with an open-lid design. If your office features classic furniture, a classic waste bin made from wood will fit the look perfectly.