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When it comes to sleep, it’s not only the mattress that matters. The quality of your bedding is vitally important, too. Too busy to consider such fussy details? Duvet cover sets take the hassle out of choosing this important part of your bedroom décor as they’re already perfectly matched. 

Don’t forget that if a duvet cover set is not exactly to your liking, you can always adapt it with separate pillow covers to create the style you’re going for. Or simply assemble a set of your own. Buy your ideal duvet cover or bedding cover, sheets, pillows and throws separately. 

When choosing quality bedding sheets, consider material, thread count, weave and breathability. Cooling linen is great for warmer climates, as is cotton. Whether you choose 100% or a cotton blend may depend on your budget, and how seriously you take having a good night’s sleep. When it comes to weave, people who easily overheat during slumber should opt for percale − a plain, matte weave known for keeping cool. Sleepers with sensitive skin should consider a soft microfiber weave.

What makes a great duvet cover? Other than the appearance, you should look to the fabric. Cotton is comfy, easy to take care of, and the most common fabric for bed linen. Aim for a thread count of 300+, if you can. As it repels dust, silk is great for people who have allergies. It’s also super luxurious, so it works for lovers of the fine things in life. Want something to last a long time especially your exotic furniture ? Your best bet is a polyester or cotton-blend duvet cover