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Like hosting long lunches and lavish dinner parties? Then you’ll need a few sets of napkins to complement your dining furniture and table accessories to truly set the scene for a feast. 

Folded napkins add just the right pop of colour, and finishing touch, for the occasion. Got new, high-end furniture in your dining area? Be sure to invest in tableware of a quality that matches, right down to these humble but practical dining accessories. 

Table napkins are needed for preventing spills or crumbs getting onto clothes or the tablecloth, and for blotting mouths while eating. They have a long history, and were used during Ancient Roman times. But did you know there are etiquette guides to using them? First, pick yours up when the host picks up theirs. Place it on your lap. If you get up during the meal, put it beside your plate. When you’re done eating, place it to the left of your plate. You shouldn’t use it as a prop while telling a story. Don’t put it on your dirty plate after use. Don’t place it back into the napkin ring, either. And never tuck it into your shirt. 

So, which décor fabric should yours be made from? Napkins made from linen or cotton blend look and feel classy, and they’re easily washed in the washing machine. While cotton is more absorbent and better for mopping up spills, linen is more durable and will likely last longer. 

When it comes to table napkin folding, there are several ways to do it. These include the fan fold, the bouquet, the letter fold, the diagonal fold or the cutlery-wrap. One of the easiest to master is the bow-tie fold. Whichever you try, your guests will appreciate the effort you’ve put into seeing to the finer details.