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Who doesn’t love scented candles? They give off beautiful warm light and ambience, add delicious home fragrance, and make great gifts for any occasion – housewarmings, birthdays, anniversaries and more. 

Scented candles have a long history, almost as long as candles themselves. In times gone by, candles were made with animal fat rather than wax, so their odour was masked by making them with incense sticks. After the invention of gas and kerosene lamps, followed by electric lights, candles waned in popularity. But starting from the 1980s, they began to become décor items again, with many styles and colours available. Soon enough, scents were added. Today, they’re essential for adding a sense of welcoming luxury and indulgence to a space. 

The scent you choose is, of course, a deeply personal preference as fragrance has such an emotional component to it. But certain scents do evoke certain atmospheres, so go according to what feel you want to encourage in a room. For a sense of romance, rose, peony, and jasmine work well. Wanting something more homely? Go with pumpkin spice, pine or bergamot. If an uplifting mood is what you’re after, citrus scents are the way to go. Woody scents, such as cedarwood or rosewood, will give off a sense of rustic comfort. 

There’s such an array of candle holders for scented candles these days, you’re spoilt for choice. Votives work well for short candles. Holding an outdoor party? Suitable candle holders include hurricane lamps and lanterns. 

Wanting to host a lavish feast in your dining room at night? A traditional candelabra design will give that sumptuous look, and it’ll work well in a dining room furnished with classic furniture.