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Luxury furniture doesn’t only belong indoors. Want to make the most of your balcony, patio or garden? Set up a comfortable space fit for entertaining or simply chilling out in by buying durable outdoor furniture that you’ll want to use all year round, weather permitting. 

First up, you’ll want the essentials, such as outdoor tables and chairs. Whether you go for a cute picnic table or something larger depends on the size of your outside area and how many people you plan on seating to dine comfortably. 

When it comes to outdoor seating, consider your design style as well as functionality. Want to be able to move chairs when not in use, so your outside space can be multi-functional? Go for a casual fold-up style. Alternatively, a bench can be moved aside where it can act as a storage surface. 

But furnishing for your outdoor space needn’t only be about dining tables and chairs. It can include anything to make spending time there more comfortable. For example, you’ll need parasols if your outside space has no shade. They’re essential for cooling the temperature and protecting skin from the sun’s rays. Invest in something durable that will truly last, no matter the elements it’s exposed to. Other criteria, when choosing parasols, are: the size, colour and shape of the canopy; whether the base is permanent or not; whether yours will be freestanding, hanging or wall-mounted; the UV-protection factor and wind resistance; the materials used for the frame and pole; and accessories. 

These accessories include an outdoor heater, for when the weather gets cooler but you still want to enjoy the outdoors. Outdoor heaters can be halogen or infra-red lamps. Halogen heats up faster, but infra-red warms up objects and guests, so the warmth won’t be blown away if there’s a breeze.