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Carpeted surfaces in exteriors are no longer limited to the humble door mat. If you’re a fan of indoor-outdoor living and enjoy being outside when the weather permits, you’ll want to make your balcony, patio or garden a comfortable space fit for entertaining or simply chilling out in. 

Invest in durable outdoor furniture and accessories that you’ll love as much as you do the furniture in your interiors. These can include anything to make spending time there more comfortable, such as shelves and dividers (for ornaments, crockery, pot plants and more); outdoor rugs; parasols; lanterns; stools; fire pits; sofas; side tables; and serving accessories, such as trays.

Up the ante on your alfresco area with a something that ties the whole look together, adding warmth and comfort at the same time: Outdoor rugs can protect your floor surface from furniture scratches, add style, and prevent any slips and falls. 

Looking into outdoor rugs for your home? Flooring decisions are about more than looks. You should consider durability, comfort, and cost too. Consider the material carefully. Given that they are likely to be exposed to the elements, these rugs may not last as long as those indoors. Go for a synthetic, weather-resistant, durable fabric that also has some breathability. This ensures airflow, and helps prevent mildew from forming. To prevent colour fading from the sun exposure, go for a stain that will resist colour change. 

In terms of style, round rugs are great for under round or square tables. Got an oval or rectangular table? Match it with a rectangular shape underfoot. In terms of size, it should be large enough for all of the modern furniture you have outdoors to fit on top of.