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As with curtains, the cover you put on the floor can make or break a room. Flooring decisions are about more than looks. Since they experience a lot of foot traffic, rugs are home décor items you should consider carefully, factoring in durability, comfort, and cost too. 

For luxury rugs you can pass down, consider rugs made by hand. The handwoven rug is generally one of two types – those that are hand tufted, or hand knotted rugs. Carpets knotted by hand, such as Persian rugs, are the most labour intensive, hence they’re more costly. 

Do you value the planet and eco-friendly, sustainable design and décor? Then you’ll no doubt be a fan of jute rugs. They’re made from plant fibres that come from the jute plant found in Asia. They’re a great way to bring the outdoors in, rather than buying something more synthetic. What’s more, jute rugs are durable. They’re also biodegradable and recyclable. 

Jute rugs add a wonderfully earthy, exotic touch to a room. They tend to come in natural colours, and work well in many design aesthetics, from mid-century modern to coastal chic. 

In any room, a jute carpet can add comfort and make a considerable style statement. For example, in a spacious living room with parquet flooring and luxury furniture, a design featuring subtle, soothing patterns will add understated cohesion to the space. 

But why limit a jute carpet to inside the house? Up the ante on your alfresco area with a something that ties the whole look of your luxury outdoor furniture together, adding warmth and comfort at the same time: Outdoor rugs can protect your floor surface from furniture scratches, add style, and prevent any slips and falls.