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Buying new beds? Invest in mattress protectors to make sure they don’t become damaged. Mattresses can easily become dirty and unhygienic, and they can’t easily be washed. That’s why you should use these covers not only in children’s rooms, but in every room that’s being regularly slept in. 

Just like a fitted sheet, it’s something you place over your bed but for protection mostly. This is where they differ from mattress pads, which offer an additional layer of comfort. By protecting against spills and contaminants, mattress protectors, help to keep mattresses in good shape, so that they’ll last a long time. And because they prevent dust particles from accumulating in mattresses, they are of great benefit for people who suffer from allergies or have sensitive skin. 

So, what do these covers protect against? Sweat, bed bugs, dirt, bacteria, dust and allergens – you name it. When you think about how long people spend in beds, and the potential hygiene hazards that result, you’ll see that mattress protectors are a sound investment for your family’s health. They should be seen as bedding essentials, rather than optional sleep accessories. You should prioritise buying them before even considering the more cosmetic touches, such as a duvet cover and pillow covers

Which type should you buy – an encased design, one with an elastic strap, or one that works like a fitted sheet? It will depend on the style of your bed frame. A vintage furniture design may differ from something more contemporary in terms of mattress size and fit, so consider this before you buy.