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When it comes to having bathroom accessories that make getting ready easy, a bathroom tray is your best bet. Rather than storing items in various drawers or fiddly boxes, have them out in the open in one place so they can be spotted and picked up quickly and effortlessly. 

Your vanity tray can hold many things – think cosmetics, toiletries, fragrances, hair-styling items and other essential products. So it’s one way to ensure your counter space remains tidy and clutter-free. To avoid accidentally knocking things over, keep taller items at the back and small odds and ends in the front. Your bathroom tray could also be placed on your dresser or side table; and turned into an aesthetically pleasing vignette. 

If Hollywood glamour is the style you’re aiming for, a glass vanity tray is elegant and practical − perfect for keeping make-up or jewellery in one place. Get one with faceted edges for jewel-like sparkle. Simply add retro jars filled with bath salts and cotton balls, and hang up some luxurious white bathrobes to feel like a celebrity every time you get ready. For a coastal glamour aesthetic, opt for towels and tiles in pale shades of grey and white. A marble slab on the counter beside the sink will fit right in. 

Despite the name of this bathroom item, yours needn’t be dainty. Want your entire home to match your industrial furniture? Go for a simple rectangular slab made from brown or dark-green polyresin. This look will also work well in an African- or Indian-inspired home.