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When it comes to useful yet distinctive décor items, clocks have always been in style. After all, you need them to tell the time as you go about your day. So they’re well suited in an entrance, office, kitchen, library, living room or dining room. They’re perhaps less well suited in bedrooms or bathrooms – spaces in which you want to rest and take your time, rather than watch the hands ticking by. 

Since they’re essentially functional items, consider placement and size carefully. Place clocks where they can easily be glanced at in an instant, without straining your neck, and with numerals large enough to easily read from a distance. Scale is key. The larger the space, the larger the décor clock should be.

A table clock will bring to-the-minute style to desks, side tables, consoles or shelves – whether in a dining room, home office, living room or more. In a traditional or nautical room, go for something square made from brass, iron and glass. Alternatively, make your clock a more stand-out home décor item by choosing something with a less traditional design. For example, you could place a quirky round clock on a swivel stand atop a pile of your favourite coffee table books or magazines in your living room or workspace. 

If you love history, your heart will be happy with a pocket design, which can be hung on the wall like wall art. The winding-crown, dial and chain will give a distinctly Victorian vibe, which gives you plenty to work with in the rest of the room. 

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