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Got a simple wall that needs to be styled with ease? Go for a classic clock – and you’re more likely to stay on time, too. A classic designer wall clock works well in an entrance, office, kitchen, library, living room or dining room. They’re perhaps not well suited in bedrooms or bathrooms – spaces in which you want to rest and take your time, rather than watch the hands ticking by. 

Since they’re essentially functional items, consider placement and size carefully. Hang your timepiece where it can easily be glanced at in an instant, without straining your neck, and with numerals large enough to easily read from a distance. Scale is key. The larger the space, the larger the clock should be. Next, pick the right design for your home décor. Grandfather clocks hold serious visual gravitas. Clocks with a traditional round shape and bronze finish work well in a nautical-themed space or with classic furniture. In a chic, contemporary space, a modern wall clock is what you’re after. Some of these feature such original, quirky designs, they’re like works of art. 

Prefer something even more quirky? Use timepieces as wall décor. Arrange an array of different wall clocks, interspersed with decorative wall mirrors, on an accent wall, for an Alice in Wonderland dose of delightful wackiness. The more different they are, the more eclectic the effect will be. Just be sure to check the sound of each. If all wall clocks are chiming or ticking, your gallery wall can quickly go from fun to annoying.