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There’s something so special about looking into a fire, whether in silence or in the jovial company of family and friends. As you watch the flickering and dancing of the flames, you feel your soul rest, and while that fire burns and glows, your stresses seem far, far away. 

Did you know that relaxing by a fire has been proven to be good for your health? Scientists who have studied fire-gazing have confirmed that is has benefits. When studying brain scans, researchers found that the flickers and crackles of burning logs actually reduced blood pressure in the people they were studying – even in a laboratory setting. This may explain why many people find even watching a crackling fire on a screen to be so soothing.

Got an outdoor space or garden you want to make the most of? In addition to buying garden furniture, you should invest in an outdoor fire pit for added ambience − and for your wellbeing. 

Fire pits are great ways to gather people comfortably. The hypnotic flames provide a natural focal point, adding a timeless sense of occasion and warmth. Gather the right outdoor tables and outdoor chairs, and your guests will want to stay a while, enjoying the reverie and revelry that a real fire can generate.

When choosing the right outdoor furniture, make sure it’s both durable and comfortable. Chairs that people can easily lean back into are ideal in this scenario. Want maximum comfort? Consider an outdoor sofa. Since they evoke memories of hearth and home, fire pits go really well with vintage furniture. Choose one with a retro-modern style to really get the look.