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You’ve decked out your home in the right classic furniture, with complementary décor accessories and art. You’ve carefully considered the sense of sight, in the room’s visual aesthetic, and touch, in the textural finishes. But have you considered the final touch and sense – scent? Consider room sprays to greet you and your guests beautifully each time you step through the door. 

When it comes to the perfect accessory for any room, you can’t go wrong with scented candles. They give off beautiful atmospheric light and ambience, add a delightful home fragrance, and make ideal gifts for any occasion – housewarmings, birthdays, anniversaries and more. But candles can be fussy, and they need to be replaced regularly. This is where room sprays come in handy. 

An air freshener spray will get rid of odours and add a pleasing fragrance to any room, especially if you get a ‘freshener for bathroom’ variety. 

To conceal any unsightly packaging that clashes with the room’s look or colour scheme, an air freshener dispenser can come in handy. 

The home fragrances you choose are, of course, a deeply personal preference as fragrance has such an emotional component to it. But certain scents do evoke certain atmospheres, so go according to what feel you want to encourage in a room. For a sense of romance, rose, peony, and jasmine work well. Wanting a scent that’s more homely? Go with pumpkin spice, pine or bergamot. If an uplifting mood is what you’re after, citrus scents are the way to go. Woody scents, such as cedarwood or rosewood, will give off a sense of rustic comfort.