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In addition to luxury furniture in Dubai, Marina stocks a range of other practical home décor items – big and small – to decorate your home. One humble example is the tissue box cover – that box dispenser that’s part of our everyday lives. 

While their main purpose may be toto be conceal unattractive packaging, tissue box covers are more than merely functional. They’re actually ways to enhance your decorating. And, thanks to their size and affordability, they’re an easy way to quickly change the look of a room’s focal point. So these under-appreciated items should not be overlooked when decorating a space.

Tissue box holders can be placed in several spots where they may be needed in the house or home office, such as the side console, side tables, dining tables, bathroom counters or coffee tables. The style you choose should match the environment. Since their shapes are limited to mostly square or rectangular, you’ll want to pay attention to the textural quality of the tissue box covers you consider. 

For example, on a desk in an elegant home office decorated in mostly white or off-white, an ivory-coloured tissue box holder with a leather finish adds just the right about of bold contrast. On a plain kitchen counter, you might go for a patterned fabric cover to add a pop of warmth and personality. If the natural look is your preference, pick a tissue box holder made from wood that’s made to last.